Overseas Information

It began the dispatch of the plant to overseas! !
Certainly on this occasion! !                

【How to order】

Payment : Paypal greengrass.ohara@gmail.com
CITES and quarantine certificate : 40000 yen
Minimum order amount : 50,000 yen
If you place multiple orders, the total amount will be calculated and billed when the order is completed.
Postage is different in order contents.
Generally 5000yen
Postage it will contact at a later date.

Before shipment, and to take a quarantine certificate and CITES 1 months it will take. Thank you for your understanding.
※ Shipment without documents cannot be guaranteed.
Order period
Due to paperwork, orders placed by the end of January will be shipped around May.
Orders placed by August will be shipped around October.

Real plant photo sale! !
There are also such rare species. 
We have updated weekly.



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